Examples of 20 Skills for Call Center Resume

Updated on: June 23, 2020

Call center agents must host a wide variety of skills to help them qualify for a position. All these skills and qualifications should be written in a resume so that the hiring manager can see what you are made of.

It is important to take advantage of the skills section in a resume. Since this is a dedicated section, you can fill it in with a lot of information to prove your abilities to a hiring manager.

Specifically, your skills should include knowledge of responding to customers over the telephone, and handling tickets. Also, your customer service skills must be highlighted.

Problem-solving is a huge part of the work of a call center agent. Hence, he or she needs to highlight the fact that they are good at it.

Many customers will call in to ask if you can resolve an issue – you have to be in your best MacGyver persona to do this.

Some skills statements that a call center agent can place on his or her resume are provided here as examples:

Call Center Resume Skills Examples

  1. Highly skilled in responding to incoming telephone calls for information or assistance
  2. Ability to make outbound telephone calls in order to meet sales goals
  3. Exceptional proficiency in performing cold calling tasks, with special focus on DND lists
  4. Expert in managing and resolving customers’ problems
  5. Effectively able to sell products and place orders according to company protocols
  6. Knowledge of identifying and escalating issues to supervisors
  7. Talented in providing product and service information to the customer
  8. Well-versed in creating tickets, and responding to tickets in a timely manner
  9. Ability to processing orders, and provide delivery timelines
  10. Especially talented in researching, identifying, and resolving issues in a prompt manner
  11. Deeply familiar with documenting call information according to SOPs
  12. Competent in following call center scripts for each call
  13. Proficient in identifying customers’ needs and providing them with correlating services/information
  14. Adept at identifying and seizing opportunities to perform upselling work
  15. Proven ability to engage in active listening with customers, and confirming or clarifying information
  16. Solid track record of building lasting relationships with customers in order to ensure repeat business opportunities
  17. Unmatched ability to effectively generate customers’ interest in the company’s services and products
  18. Familiar with managing and updating customer databases
  19. Skilled in adjusting scripts in order to target individual customers’ interests
  20. Special talent for processing order information, scheduling appointments, and following up on them