Examples of Skills for Call Center Resume

Updated on June 5, 2015

Even a smattering of skills can make your resume stand out from the crowd. Absence thereof, can make it lose its way in the labyrinth of resumes that employers receive by the hundreds. Beginning your call center job hunt by using the right words is a surefire way of reaching your goals – and setting yourself in good fortune’s way. The right words can change your life – if you have the necessary skills to perform a job but do not know how to put it in the right words, your battle is completely lost.

Using power play words to communicate your abilities is important – especially if you are in a position where direct customer contact cannot be avoided. In a call center position for instance, you are in constant contact with customers over the phone and through emails and it is very important for you to possess a huge array of people skills to be able to do this successfully. Note to self – think skills! What do I have that makes me a cut above others in a call center role? Have I achieved anything by using these skills?

On call center resumes, keywords for skills are the key to finding you. Recruiters looking through e-resumes often do a keyword search to determine the right candidates, based on their skills. Hard skills and knowledge to do the job must always be highlighted using wow keywords.

For a call center representative position, let us have a look at some skills that we can mention on a resume, using wow keywords and phrases:

Examples of Skills for Call Center Resume

• Exceptional ability to handle customers patiently and calmly especially during frustrating situations brought on by their inability to comprehend concepts

• Track record of managing irate customers and leading them through “unsatisfied” stages, while retaining their business

• Excellent verbal communication and listening skills aimed at understanding customers’ concerns completely and providing them with plausible situations effectively

• Skilled at persuading people at the “other end of the line” by employing civility and sensitivity, to ward off possibility of condescending behavior and / or dismissive call attitude

• Well-versed in handling outgoing sales and information calls, with special focus on meeting sales goals, by respecting DND (Do Not Disturb) lists

• Demonstrated ability to process information quickly and derive mental solutions as defense to potential objections from customers

• Able to make decisions quickly and aptly, based on company’s procedures, customer service policies and individual situations

• Knack for subtly diffusing callers’ anger by taking command of conversations and resolving their issues tactfully

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