Job Overview

Computer technicians are some of the most important workers of any business. They keep the computers running well and the hardware and software up to date. They provide support to internal and external customers in the areas of desktop, laptop and peripheral break-fix at the same time as displaying stellar communication skills and top-notch customer satisfaction.

A skills and capabilities section is the core section of a computer technician resume. So always focus on writing the attractive skills statements in your Computer or desktop technician resume in order to increase the chances of your consideration.

Use some of the following skills when writing your computer or desktop support resume.

Sample Skills for Computer Desktop Technician Resume

• Highly skilled in providing effective technical support in hardware and software issues including diagnosis and troubleshooting

• In-depth knowledge of performing hardware and software support for Windows and Mac products

• Proven record of performing hardware repairs on customer equipment such as servers, desktops, notebooks, tablets, and printers

• Able to give accurate service to end users

• Demonstrated ability to perform software upgrades and configuration enhancements

• Well versed in ensuring preventative maintenance on hardware

• Able to ensure that all requests from user are logged and right procedures are followed

• Documented success in maintaining problem status and resolution information in ticketing database

• Adept at testing and distributing security patches to clients

• Track record of participating in rollout of new software and hardware to ensure consistency in company’s technical standards

Note: Select only 4 -5 skills statements which are most relevant to the job description given by employer in the advertisement.