Top 10 Resume Trends for 2020

Updated on: February 20, 2020


Resume writing trends change almost as often as fashion does.

Every year, we see that employers want something new and different in the resumes. It can be exhausting!

But what does one do except play along?

Standards of effective and modern resumes keep changing with time.

The features which were thought to be mandatory for a resume some years back may not have a place in the resumes in 2020.

These changes result from the evolving needs of the job industry and the preferences of the hiring managers.

To promote yourself as a proactive candidate for any job in 2020, it is crucial to building your resume on modern trends.

10 Resume Trends for 2020

1. Personal Branding

Resumes in 2020 are all about personal branding. Treat your resume as an advertisement of your skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Craft your resume appealingly and promisingly in order to get the interest of the recruiter.

2. Balanced Design

Due to many built-in resume templates available on the internet, you may be tempted to use one.

Do not make this mistake!

Instead, create a unique yet simple resume that perfectly fits your qualifications and experiences.

3. Vocabulary Enrichment

With the advancement in technology, more employers depend on automated resume shortlisting software.

Therefore, make sure that your resume is rich in industry-specific keywords and terminology.

4. Focus on Your Accomplishments

Modern resumes call the readers’ attention to the candidates’ most relevant experiences.

State your experiences briefly in bullet points, while elaborating on your key accomplishments and results.

5. Conciseness

Considering the shortage of the reader’s time, make a short version of your resume.

Make balanced use of short bullet points, tables, and columns in order to communicate what you offer in terms of enthusiasm and expertise.

6. Exclusive Customization

It is very important to send a tailored and specially customized resume to each employer.

Customized resumes have the chance of being viewed thus enhancing your chances of being hired.

7. Clutter-Free

Make sure your resume is clutter-free. Use simple words and short sentences.

Leave ample white spaces on your resume in order to make it visually appealing as well as pleasing to the readers’ eyes.

8. Keep it Short This Year

Get rid of sketchy descriptions and make sure that whatever you write is in sync with the job description of the position.

Employers just skim through your resume as opposed to reading it. Write something that will please them at first glance.

9. Edit Aggressively

Make sure that the content of your resume is perfect.

Edit your resume several times before making a final version of your resume.

Spelling and grammar mistakes reduce your chances of employment significantly.

10. Content Clarity

What your resume looks like at first glance is what decides your candidacy.

Sufficient white space and a good font such as Ariel or times new roman matters.

Make sure that the format that you use is both easy on the eyes and is ATS friendly.

Help yourself by helping the hiring manager see your resume in a positive light.

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