Resume Summaries for Retirees

Updated: February 14, 2018

Retiring from your current job is no reason for you to be depressed about future work opportunities.

Believe us when we say that even after you have spent more than half your life working, and have reached retirement age, there are still opportunities out there for you.

The trick is to make sure that your job application documents are well-structured. This is especially true where resume summaries are concerned. Since they mark the beginning of your resume, it is important to structure them properly, and fill them in with information that will actually matter to the person reading it.

As a retiree, you have a lot going for you. How?

Well, if you have retired, it means that you have spent significant amount of time – half your life, really! – working in a certain capacity.

This also means that you are now a pro at whatever it is that you were doing. And retiring does not necessarily mean that you are a bygone. This is what you have to prove in a resume summary. Does it seem difficult to pull off?

It may seem that way, but in actuality, it is just rehashing your abilities and qualifications for a job, and putting them in a resume summary, just like you did the last time you made a resume.

Here are some examples of resume summaries for retirees, which you can look through for reference purposes:


Resume Summaries for Retirees


• Highly articulate and seasoned individual, with exceptional human resource experience, spanning over 30 years. Demonstrated expertise in handling interviewing, induction, and training procedures, aiming to provide the company with the best in employee base. Successful track record of leading and motivating cross functional teams.

• Exceptionally well-structured marketing manager, with demonstrated ability to create and implement core marketing strategies, aiming to increase customers’ interest in the company’s products and services. Highly skilled in managing a diverse marketing team, ensuring that their training and developing needs are met in a consistent manner.

• Sales director, with 22 years of dedicated experience in handling retail sales work. Documented success in developing and implementing sales strategies, to ensure increment in customer base.

• Highly experienced teacher, boasting of 25 years of experience in an academic setting. Proven ability to create and implement core elementary curriculum, and handle instruction imparting work.

• Well-organized, resourceful, and exceptionally talented individual, with over 35 years of experience in handling a wide variety of warehousing work, including picking and packing, labeling, and loading and unloading. Deep familiarity with performing documentation work, placing special emphasis on accuracy of information.