Resume 2021 Trends: A Guide Make the Best Resume

Updated on: July 29, 2020
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Using predefined resume templates may be an easy way of writing your resume, but they seldom impress employers nowadays. In the year 2021, employers prefer that a candidate craft his or her resume using a simple format that is logically created and easy to read.

Top 5 Resume Trends for 2021

1. Use an Objective or Professional Summary Statement

An objective or summary statement is a vital part of a resume in 2021. That is because employers do not want to see resumes that begin abruptly and without any direction.

Some career specialists agree that getting rid of the objective section in a resume is the right thing to do in these times, but there is a purpose that an objective serves.

If you have more than five years of experience, we suggest that you do not add an objective section. Instead, you should include a professional profile or summary containing a snapshot of your experience, expertise, and achievements.

2. Think about keywords

The use of keywords derived from the advertisement for the position that you are applying for is the smartest thing you can do.

Employers tend to believe that keywords play an important part because they depict a candidate’s particular interest in a position.

These keywords may be included in the skills, core competencies, or areas of expertise section.

3. Customization

By far, we have discussed the trends that conventional employers apply.

If you are applying for a job at a creative post, you may need to jazz up your resume somewhat. You can maybe put in a little color – use colored fonts or add a clip art that will make your resume stand out.

Since the idea of a resume is to sell yourself for a particular position, you need to do whatever it takes to make yourself saleable.

Resumes in this day and age are brand statements and need to be portrayed in a way that makes an impact on the employer. Trending resumes are all very well; there is just one static trend – professionalism!

4. Save space

Do not use the sentence “references available on request” as it is a passé term. Of course, you will need to provide references when an employer asks for it – that is such an obvious statement!

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