Dietary aides typically work in a healthcare setting where the need for nutritional balance is of the utmost importance. They work with diet managers and dieticians in order to plan and organize menus that are prudent to each resident or patient’s individual requirements.

A dietary aide works by seeing what an individual patient’s requirement is and then setting up trays to meet those requirements. For instance, if a patient has high blood pressure, a dietary aide will ensure that food for that patient is low on sodium. This is not the only duty of a dietary aide. He or she will work with patients to find out what they like to eat and then concoct meals according to available resources.

If you are a looking for a position of dietary aide, you will need to ensure that your skills are conducive to the job’s requirements. The key skills that you possess will need to be portrayed properly in a resume objective. You may take help from the following sample objectives for this position:

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Dietary Aide Resume Objectives

• To work for Family Health Hospital as a Dietary Aide utilizing extensive knowledge of diet planning and hands-on experience in cleaning in order to assist the facility’s patients.

• Seeking a position as a Dietary Aide with Fitness and Herbs. Committed to provide quality food service and ability to manage individualized diet plans.

• To obtain a Dietary Aide position at Poly-vision Dieticians. Offering extensive experience of delivering food, maintaining food quality and sanitizing work area.

• Desire a Dietary Aide position with Heaven on Earth employing knowledge of proper food preparation procedures and serving meals in a timely fashion to ensure quality.

• A Dietary Aide position with Diet Club using exceptional communication skills and hands-on training to provide assistance to the dietician in managing residents’ diet programs effectively.