A newly graduated nurse is someone who has just finished nursing school and has acquired a license to be a registered nurse. Newly grad nurses are responsible for performing the same tasks as any experienced registered nurse although they may perform fewer duties until they have completed their on-the-job training.

Resumes written by newly graduated nurses must exhibit information that will provide ample reason for an employer to hire them. While hospitals and care facilities are always on the lookout for new nurses, they tend to want to hire only the best. You can show your knowledge of the nursing world at an interview but to get to an interview, you will need to make sure that your resume highlights your abilities. Following are some resume objectives for a newly grad nursing position that you may find handy when preparing your resume.

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Newly Grad Nursing Resume Objectives

1. Looking for a position as a Registered Nurse with Conta Hospital where I can share my commitment to life by providing benefit of my nursing training

2. Seeking a position as a LPN at Core Health Services using acute training in assessing the effectiveness of care plans in order to ensure expected results

3. Desire a Nurse position at Farmington Medical Hospital. Offering passion for patient care and a professional demeanor to back it up

4. To work as a Nurse with Magnet Hospital where my knowledge and skills in patient-centered care and progressive concern can be utilized to assist patient care plans

5. To obtain employment as a Nurse with Conroe Medical Center by providing the benefit of my training and licensures in order to assist in carrying out patient care plans

6. Seeking a nursing position at a reputed healthcare facility utilizing expertise and knowledge in handling patients, newborns and pediatrics.  Possess outstanding communication and patient care skills.

7. To secure a responsible position as Graduate Nurse, in which my education, training and skills will be successfully utilized