The Best Examples of Objectives for Resume

Updated on January 6, 2019

One question most candidates often face when writing a resume:

Do I need a career objective or not?

In most of the cases, the answer is No.

However, there are certain situations where employers like to see an objective statement topping the resume.

In the modern resumes, a profile or performance summary has mostly replaced the objective, yet there are situations where a career objective can prove to be more efficient. These include:

1. You are a beginner, seeking an entry-level position

2. You are going to change your career path

3. There are considerable gaps in your career history

4. The employer has specifically asked you to write a career objective

5. You are writing a Federal Resume

Whatever the case may be, if you decide to write a career objective, it has to be a perfect one since it is the topmost section of your resume. In fact, it is the first thing the employer is going to read about you.

Therefore, make it appealing to the reader by formatting it more like an offering statement. Always remember, useful objectives are employer-centered.

How to write the best objective for a resume?

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes – would you like to read the resume which begins with this kind of objective?:

‘To seek a management position with a progressive firm where I can grow professionally and financially.’

No! The most important thing to remember is that a reasonable objective says what you can do for them. That is to say, it must never state what you expect from the job.

Here are some examples of best-written objectives in the conventional as well as the profile summary format.

The Best Resume Objective Examples

• To obtain a Teacher position with ACE Academy where skills in lesson planning, classroom control, and progress gauging can be fully utilized to make a difference in the lives of students.

• Seeking an Office Administrator position with HDF Enterprises. Offering expertise in file cataloging, correspondence generation, and database maintenance.

• Energetic culinary graduate, seeking a Sous Chef position with Hyatt International. Competent in a wide range of sweet and savory cookery covering the English, French, Chinese and Italian cuisines.

• Upbeat and results-driven Customer Service professional seeking a position with ABC Company in the capacity of a CSR. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong convincing power and effective time management abilities.

• Compassionate, innovative and vigilant activity designer, seeking work in the capacity of Activity Facilitator at Little Angels Academy. Track record of developing and implementing age-specific activities to maximize the learning of kids. Competent in behavioral and educational counseling at all levels.

• Detail oriented and meticulous Secretary, seeking a similar position with ABC Company utilizing 6+ years’ experience in correspondence management, front desk handling and office organization.