How to Make a Resume in 2017

Updated on May 4, 2017

It takes a unique, sound and strategic resume to make your profile stand-out of the dozens of resumes belonging to individuals having qualifications similar to yours.

Year after year trends in resume writing change. Based on detailed study of employer’s preferences, their expected time limitations and other upcoming tends in the job industry that call for changes in resume writing techniques, we have devised some tips to guide you in resume writing for the year of 2017.



How to Make a Resume in 2017

Format: In 2017, he functional or skills based resume format is expected largely to replace the reverse chronological format since more employers look for skilled employees and if the candidate offers the needed skills, education is not much focused on.

Proof of Potential: Do not waste the precious space in stating your plain job descriptions. Resume writing is a self promotional technique and if you want your resume to shine, give some proof, in figures. Quantified accomplishments that are provable must dominate the professional experience section entirely.

Links: The resume industry is moving gradually towards online resumes and employers now prefer seeing a soft copy of resumes. To cater your resume according to this industry trend, it is highly recommended to add links to your document. Link to your profile on LinkedIn, personal website or blog, references or firms you have previously worked at not only make the resume more attractive but the employers also find such resumes highly feasible for research and verification purposes.

Length: With increasing competition, average number of applicants for each job is also increasing. This calls for brief resumes, not longer than one to two pages. Utilize tables and bullet phrases smartly to convey maximum information in minimum space without giving a congested impression.

Contact Information: Mentioning street address and landline numbers is already history. In 2017, mention your online address, LinkedIn or other online ID and cellular number. As replacement of full street address, name of the state with area code should suffice.

Branded Summary: 2017 is expected to officially mark the era of profile branding. Make sure your resume is topped with a branded statement of your profile. Use your industry specific keywords in this section so your resume is not only appealing and impressive but is also search engine friendly.

Relevance: Employers seek candidates who can get the required task done. A resume showcasing irrelevant skills or highlighting them more than the relevant ones will go straight to the bin. In 2017, be as relevant as possible and tie your offered skills to the employer specified job requirements.

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