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Updated on January 7, 2019

When applying for a job in 2019, fresh graduates and entry-level candidates, as well as experienced people, find it extremely difficult to write an effective resume.

There is no doubt that resume writing is a very daunting task, as you never know what will tickle a prospective employer’s interest and what will irritate them.

The trick is to write an accompanying cover letter and follow some very basic resume writing protocols.

The year 2019 is, of course, going to be extremely competitive where employment and job hunting is concerned.

With so many people out of a job and so many more looking for one, the competition becomes more fierce.

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There are a few considerations for people who want to bag their dream jobs the first one being professionalism.

How to craft the best resume in 2019?

Employers tend to look at resumes with more interest if they show professionalism and quality.

Adding a professional touch does not mean that one should make it too long and boring. In fact, it must be to the point and targeted to the exact requirements of the employer.

The following are five essential sections of resumes in 2019:

1. Objective or Professional Summary
2. Qualifications / Areas of Expertise / Professional Skills
3. Selected Accomplishments
4. Previous Work History
5. Education

You may add a certification if it is relevant to the job that you are applying for. Similarly, you may even tell the employer about your GPA only if it is above 3.

Resume templates will provide you with a lot of overwhelming information that you can put in your resume but, seriously, they are a waste of time as employers are extremely busy people and do not have a lot of time to read every word of a resume. The shorter the resume, the better the chance that it will get read!

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Best of luck to all job seekers!!!

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