The Best Resume Templates for 2020

Updated on May 31, 2019

The Best Resume Templates 2020 BannerA resume is a professional document that can open or close many employment opportunities for you.

That is why it is critical to ensure that your resume template complies with the latest trends in resume writing.


It is no wonder that people spend hundreds of dollars each year to obtain help from resume writing companies.

Sometimes, this works wonders for them – on the other hand, it backfires too.

Due to increasing competition in the job market across all industries in recent years, it is essential for job seekers to build an exceptional resume.

Since you will only be able to demonstrate your abilities once you will be hired, it is essential to make sure that you “are” hired by a well-written resume based on your skills and qualifications.


Therefore, you must build an attractive layout, section headings, and bullets of your resume.

As a matter of fact, free Microsoft Word resume templates help you to a certain extent, but they may not be enough to impress the hiring committee.

So what should a good resume template in the current year contain?

Let us see some important attributes of a resume template that you can use to land a dream job in 2020.

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Resume Sections in 2020

A resume in 2020 needs to be divided into different sections for clarity. Compelling sections are what make a resume successful.


A professional summary/profile or objective (for less experienced and career changers) is usually the first part of a resume. It gives a quick view of your relevant attributes.

Core Competencies and Skills

Skills and competencies should be written immediately after the summary. This section is quite useful as it tells the employer about your potential to work in a particular position.

Key Achievements

Your relevant accomplishments need to be highlighted under a separate heading so that prospective employers can locate them immediately and determine how well you have performed in a previous role.

Professional Experience

Work history in a chronological format is critical as it tells a prospective employer how much responsibility you undertook in previous roles.


The education section is a necessary part of your resume. Mention only your most recent and relevant education.

References (Optional)

An excerpt from your recommendation letter will work effectively.


Resume Do’s and Don’ts in 2020


• Use a professional yet simple font such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Calibri
• Make use of small but brief bullet points for clarity
• Bold headings assist reader differentiate between sections
• Limit your resume length to a maximum of two pages


• Never include personal information such as social security number or date of birth
• Do not exaggerate your qualifications or skills
• Avoid writing negative information in your resume
• Never use colored fonts

Other Considerations

As the current job market is very competitive, you must make sure that you tailor your resume as per the specific needs of the prospective employer. Focussing on your most recent positions and relevant qualifications is important.

Remember that the employer already knows what job duties of a particular position are so you do not need to waste space by detailing them although you must write some of the essential tasks that you performed.

A resume template that is precise, and possesses all the elements of a good resume and conforms to the above mentioned do’s and don’ts is sure to go places in the competitive year of 2020.


The Best Resume Template for 2020
for Entry Level Candidates

The following template is very suitable for entry level candidates with no work experience in hand.

Entry Level Resume Template for 2020

Entry Level Resume Template for 2020

2020 Resume Template for Experienced Candidates
Advanced Version

Best Resume Template for Experienced Candidates - 2020

Best Resume Template for Experienced Candidates – 2020

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