The Best Resume Templates 2019

As the years go by, resume expectations become more and more high. That is because the competition too is getting higher, forcing hiring managers to expect resumes that are of the highest quality – so that they can be chosen and processed for the next level. The coming year, and the year 2019 is expected to be even more serious, where resumes are concerned.

What could the best resume template possibly look like by the year 2019?

Considering all these high expectations, there is a huge chance that hiring managers will expect you to write your resume on a template that is perfect in every sense.

Choosing the best resume template is hardly easy, as one cannot tell what a hiring manager / employer is looking for exactly. However, conjecture says that templates that are easy to navigate, and are informative are what will work best. This may be true for resume templates even now, but odd as it may seem, prospective employers do give some leeway where resume formats are concerned. However, expecting the same in the next year or so may not be wise.

Remember that any template that you choose, should be according to what the hiring manager is looking for. For instance, if the hiring manager wants you to concentrate on your skills specifically, you must make sure that you pick up a skills-friendly template.

Choose a template that allows you to use keywords that you have spotted in the advertisement. Make sure that the format or template that you have used, has enough white space for the employer to be able to navigate it. Typically, hiring managers have little patience and time to go through job seekers’ resumes, and upon receiving a resume based on a template that is too busy, they often reject it without even reading it. Do not let this happen to yours!

In the next year or so, it is expected that resumes are less cumbersome to read – hiring managers have options and you really do not want them to explore them by sending in a resume that can be best categorized as “mediocre” – and has all the information that a hiring manager needs to read. Choosing a template that does not make the information which you have placed in it look busy and unreadable is what you should aim for.

The few things that a resume in the year 2019 should possess are:

• Respect for white space.
• Sufficient and relevant information to fight your case.
• Well-structured resume sections.
• Not too long – just enough to keep the hiring manager interested in your candidature.


The Best Resume Templates 2019




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Best Resume Template 2019

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