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Updated on: April 20, 2019

What hiring managers want candidates to write their resumes in the year 2019?

As a matter of fact, hiring managers change their requirements every year.


It can be frustrating, but there is nothing much that hiring managers can do about it.

For that reason, resume formats keep changing every year to meet their expectations.

However, in the year 2019, you may not find any noticeable change in the resume formats. On the other hand, minor changes need to be discussed.




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• When writing a resume in 2019, work hard to make it more profound in every sense.

• Relate your qualifications to the needs of prospective employer.

• Focus on future by mentioning your past accomplishments and how your experiences will help you in future.

• In any event, start each resume section with the most relevant and current information.

• Do not write your personal information such as date of birth and marital status.

• Select a plain and legible font such as Arial or Times New Roman, one that is easily read by the human and computer.



Resume Format 2019


The resume header including your name and contact details should be correctly written. Don’t forget to write your current address and email address.

We strongly recommend to include a link of your LinkedIn profile in the header.

Objective or Summary

In 2019, pay particular attention to how you begin your resume.

A resume objective is usually not required except you are an entry-level candidate, career changer or prospective employer specifically asked for it.

Similarly, an objective statement is also necessary for federal resumes.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced candidate, you may write a concise summary or profile statement that outlines your best attributes.

Professional Skills

Mention your professional skills or qualifications that best describe your potential.

Show how competent you are. While you can make a bullet list of your competencies, it is recommended to write them in tabular form.

If you write your skills as a bulleted list, it will waste precious space on your resume. Try to avoid that because the hiring managers do not want to see resumes spanning over two pages!

Accomplishments and Contributions

Include information about your most relevant achievements. These will persuade the hiring manager to favorable consider you.

Write at least 3 or 4 accomplishments statements describing how well you performed in the past.

Work Experience

The experience section needs to be comprehensive and to the point.

Write details of job responsibilities at your most recent commission and one previous one.

Include 5-6 bullet points to describe your every job.

Education / Certifications

The education and/or certification section needs to be comprehensive. In brief, your degree or diploma information go here.

Make sure that you do not forget to mention the school or college where you studied.

Computer Skills (Optional)

Only write your computer skills if your profession requires them.

Affiliations/Memberships (Optional)

You may also add your memberships or affiliations if you like.



As per the standards of resume format 2019, you should write information in the following order:

  1. Professional Summary/Profile
  2. Core Competencies / Professional Skills
  3. Key Achievements / Career Highlights
  4. Work Experience
  5. Education
  6. Certifications
  7. Computer Skills
  8. Affiliations/Memberships (Optional)

By referring to the list above, your resume will become well-formatted.

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