How to Write the Best Resume in 2020?

Updated on: July 29, 2020
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The year 2020 is expected to bring a lot of competition where job hunt employment is concerned.

It is no wonder that people are looking for different ways to upgrade their resumes, often opting to obtain information from the Internet, which may or may not provide the best data on how this whole thing works.

Resume format this year depends on what your professional journey has been, and what matters most is that you choose the right one to suit you.

Since it has been a fact that 2020 is expected to give job seekers a lot of competition where resume format is concerned, let’s figure out which form and style will work best.

How to Write the Best Resume in 2020?


Remember that a resume that is easily navigable will always be successful in getting through to a hiring manager. That which is cumbersome to read because it has little white space or funny fonts will be a disaster – this is a constant!


Depending on what your specific requirements are, you can use a chronological style or a functional format – whichever suits you best.

The former can be used when you want the employer to focus on your experience, beginning with the most recent. The latter can be a good choice if you are planning to change careers in 2020, or are a newly graduated individual who is applying for a first job.

Another way in which your resume can make a mark is if you use the combined modern resume style, which is an amalgamation of both functional and chronological formats.

This combo will give you an excellent opportunity to balance your accomplishments and skills and is usually welcomed by hiring managers who want to know how well you have performed in the past, and what potential you have to act in the future.

Resume Content

As time progresses, employers are becoming more and more open-minded, making it easy for job seekers to experiment with their job application documents. But even in the year 2020, fluff is not going to be accepted.

Resumes that say a lot but project little are a complete no, as they will serve to waste a hiring manager’s time.


Remember that hiring managers have to go through a lot of resumes in a day, and their patience levels are low.

If you want to impress them, you must choose a style that kills two birds with one stone – that is, impresses the hiring manager because it is so well structured, and fulfills your purpose of communicating your skills, education, experience, and accomplishments to a future employer.

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