Best Resume Templates for 2018

When creating your resume in the second decade of the twenty-first century, particularly for the year of 2018, the first thing to remember that the recruiters just spend a maximum of 10-15 seconds to read it.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose a template for your resume which is simple, short and to-the-point.

The reader or employer wants to know about your transferable skills, relevant experiences, qualifications, key achievements and anything unique about you that sets you apart from other applicants. Everything else they will ask you during the interview.

Resume Format in 2018

A resume sells your skills and capabilities to a prospective employer, so it must be a professional document reflecting your overall personality and traits. A good resume in 2018 needs to be a tailored document that hiring manager enjoys reading.

Use standard and plain fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri or Verdana.

Don’t get bogged down by designing the resume through borders or images except you are a graphic designer and needs to showcase your designing talent.

Objective or Profile Summary

There is a controversy about writing an objective statement on a resume. We strongly recommend that entry level and less experienced candidates should write a targeted objective at the very beginning of their resume. Be enthusiastic when writing your objective. Tell the employer about skills you would bring and how you would contribute to the mission of the organization.

Alternately, a professional profile/summary is suitable for highly experienced candidates. It can be written in paragraph or bullet form.

Be Honest

Be completely honest. If you haven’t held a job in the past or you’re just out of college, don’t try to write false information. If you do this, they’ll find the truth at a later stage. Write truth they’ll respect your honesty.

Do Not Copy

Originality is essential. If you copied your resume from other source or the internet, you might be identified through software, and the chance of interview might be diminished.

Grammar Concerns

Check your resume many times for punctuation and grammatical mistakes. If your resume contains errors, it will show that you are careless – and nobody hires an irresponsible person.

Use Simple Template

A simple template contains objective/profile, professional skills, key achievements, work experience, and educational information.

Don’t forget to add your full contact details, so you don’t annoy your prospective employer when s/he wants to contact you.

Customize Your Resume

Don’t send a standard resume to every employer. Instead, create a different and tailored version of your resume for every organization you apply. Let the organization know you researched it and modified your resume to the needs. This action will increase your credibility by 80%.


2018 Resume Template – Advanced Version

• Provide the title of the position in bold letters directly below the header.

• Mention your core competencies directly below the professional summary; include job-related keywords in this section but do not overload this section by keywords.

• Make a separate section for Special Accomplishments.

• Write the only job-related experiences by giving a related title to this section.


Resume Template 2018 – Page 1

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