Most resume writing experts suggest that you include a career objective to your medical technologist resume. And rightly so. But what exactly is a career objective? It is basically a personal statement defining specifically how you intend to obtain a position. Let’s break it up to understand it better:

It’s personal: Others may write career objectives in their resumes but none will be like yours. Yours is unique.

It’s a commitment: It defines who you are and what you intend to achieve in a professional capacity.

It’s completely action-oriented: It needs to be elaborate with information on your proactivity, communication skills and job-related abilities.

It has a direction: Examining your future goals is imperative when writing a career objective, regardless of your focus being long or short-term.

Take a look at the following sample career objectives of Medical Technologist in order to make your own.


Medical Technologist Resume Objective Examples

● Highly motivated medical technologist seeking a position with AA Laboratory. Offers 3+ years’ hands-on experience in Hematology and Biochemistry laboratory functions. Track record of managing equipment operations and handling laboratory tests.

● Looking for a Medical Technologist position with a private laboratory utilizing extensive work experience in medical technology and skills in developing and testing new methodologies.

● A Medical Technologist position with the St Mary’s Medical Center utilizing expertise in performing Quality Control, diagnostic testing procedures and verifying test results for validity, accuracy, and correctness of reporting.

● Seeking a Medical Technologist position at Capital Health. Offering exceptional skills in performing and reporting clinical laboratory assays with precision and accuracy in keeping with established policies and procedures.