Illness Resignation Letter Due to Health Issues

Updated March 24, 2021

Truly a difficult task to do, attempting to write a resignation letter can put most of us in a dilemma.

There is a specific manner that resignation letters need to be written – most professionals can get a bit intimidated when trying to put in all content that a letter of this nature should have.

What makes writing a resignation letter easy?

When you have the right reason!

For instance, if your reason to resign from a position is a medical condition or an illness, all you have to do is write the exact cause.

No employer will hold your illness against you, and the leaving process will smooth itself out.

The following sample resignation letter will help you decide how to word your own.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Illness and Health Issues

March 24, 2021

Ms. Erica Larry
Manager Human Resources
738 Fox Lane
Foxboro, MA 73911

Dear Ms. Larry:

Please accept this letter as formal resignation from my position as a Clerk. I will be leaving after two weeks from now. My last day of work will April 6.

As you noticed previously, I obtained several medical leaves during the last three months. I have mentioned in my leave notification emails to you that I was not well. During my previous visit to a physician, I was told that both my kidneys are only working 50% of their capacity. I am suffering from a rare form of kidney disease that is also affecting my lungs and heart and has rendered me unable to work for long hours.

In these present circumstances, I do not think that I can continue my work as a clerk at InkTime. I understand that my absence in the past has affected the office’s operations and I do not want to compromise on my work quality.

During this changeover, please let me know who you would like to be trained in my replacement or if you would like me to recommend someone. My heart is heavy while I write this as I have spent the best years of my professional life at InkTime. Thank you for letting me be part of this organization for this long.


Sasha Ally

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