Writing a Reference for a Cleaning Lady

December 9, 2018

Cleaning ladies usually work in a personal capacity as they are hired in people’s homes to assist them with keeping the house clean and tidy.

You may find these professionals in a corporate environment as well, but that is rare as professional environments hire cleaners to manage their cleaning needs.

A cleaning lady is responsible for sanitizing the inside of the house and may clean the immediate outside such as the patio, walkways, and porches depending on the agreement that they have with their employers.

She will be expected to wash dishes, clean fridges, cupboards and ovens, and clean floors and counters.

They may also be supposed to do the laundry and iron clothes. Some employers want their cleaning lady to make beds and tidy wardrobes too.

It is difficult finding a good cleaning lady as most owners would want one to come in when they are away from home – and that could be tricky.

It is important for a cleaning lady to have good references from a previous employer. Let us now discuss what a reference letter for a cleaning lady should be written.

Writing a Reference for a Cleaning Lady

Once you are done with the salutation and the likes of it, you will need to see what you need to write in it.

A reference letter is primarily a document that should help a candidate obtain employment which is why it is important to put in lots of good words.

When writing a reference letter for a cleaning lady, you will need to ensure that you highlight her skills.

This may include writing that she was a credit to you because she was always punctual and did her work with a lot of dedication. You could also write that she was well versed with cleaning methods and the safe use of cleaning agents.

Also, you will need to ensure that the cleaning lady’s integrity is highlighted as well which is the basis for hiring people for this position.

Similarly, you have to specify that she is a reliable person and that you have never had any incidents of things disappearing while she was at work.

At the end of the letter, it will be a good idea to write your telephone number so that the new employers can contact you to verify all the information that you have written in the reference letter.

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