Reference letters for Registered Nurse are considered one of the most important job leaving documents. It is vital for an employee leaving a Registered Nurse position (and looking for a new one) to ask for reference letter as this document increase chances of future employment manifold.

Many people choose to overlook obtaining reference letters simply because they do not understand the importance of possessing one. Reference letters contain first hand information from an ex-employer about an individual’s ability to work successfully at a particular position.

How to write?

In order to write an effective reference letter for RN, you should only highlight the positive traits of their personality. Mentioning of their skills, accomplishments and professional attitude can help them get a subsequent position with ease. Since candidates can only limitedly brag about their own abilities, it is up to an ex-employer to assist them in their future job searh.

Following are 2 effective reference letter examples for registered nurse. You may modify them as per your requirements in order to make your own letter.


Registered Nurse Reference Letter Sample 1


January 5, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

I have had the pleasure of supervising Amanda Jenner during the three years that she spent working as a Registered Nurse at Fairmont Healthcare. Amanda’s dedication to provide exceptional patient care has been a treat to watch especially owing to her immense ability to handle emergencies with tact, sensitivity and professionalism.

Self-assured and calm nature, Amanda has been a credit to Fairmont Healthcare where she has consistently provided patients with exceptional medical care. Her potential to work in a high stress environment had been truly tested when she worked at the trauma center (the busiest part of the hospital) for two years and has consistently provided compassionate care to distressed patients.

Amanda is a responsible individual who had never ignored any occasion to volunteer her services during high volume times. Her work style is task oriented and her sensitivity to the needs of patients and their families is well placed. She was one of the most popular nurses at Fairmont Healthcare as many of her colleagues were dependent on her.

I recommend Amanda without any reservations for employment in a nursing role. I am available at (000) 333-3333 to provide any further information that you may need.


Best regards,

[Sign Here]

Sarah Fairbanks
(Nurse Manager)
Fairmont Healthcare


RN Reference Letter Sample 2


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this reference letter on the request of Sara Chris who is applying for a position as a Registered Nurse at the St. Louis Hospital. I know Sara for several years in my capacity as an Administrator of NHI Nursing & Homemakers. Sara worked for our facility as a Staff Nurse from May 2009 to June 2011.

Sara has several strengths to offer to St. Louis Hospital. She is very skilled, responsible, efficient, enthusiastic, and kindhearted individual. While working at NHI Nursing & Homemakers, Sara distinguished herself as an outstanding nurse among all others. She constantly provided safe sympathetic nursing care to our residents and their families. She was always eager to go a step further than expected and consequently made lots of great connections with the residents. Moreover, she developed and maintained professional relationships with co-workers and patients and had an admirable attendance record.

To put it briefly, I will highly recommend Sara for a position of Registered Nurse at the St. Louis Hospital. If her performance at NHI Nursing & Homemakers is any sign of how she will perform as a nurse, I believe Sara will be a positive addition to your organization. In case of any query please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.




John Smith
NHI Nursing & Homemakers Inc
Houston, TX 65214
(549) 999-9999