Perfect Veterinary Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Updated November 7, 2020
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It is not always easy to write a compelling cover letter – there are times when one is not able to get enough ideas to write. Look around to see how you can get out of this situation. The Internet is full of cover letter samples that you can go through to write your own.

But before you begin looking for samples on the internet, you have to see what works for you best. As a candidate for a Veterinary Receptionist job, you need to highlight in your cover letter that there is no one better to do the work. This can be communicated by emphasizing the fact that your skills and qualifications are above par.

The following veterinary receptionist cover letter sample can be referred to for ideas:

Best Sample Cover Letter for Veterinary Receptionist Position

Rose Pollock
(000) 524-9656
[email protected]

November 7, 2020

Mr. Ray Charles
Human Resource Manager
Global Pets
1330 Orange Road SE
Delta Junction, AK

Dear Mr. Charles:

Please accept this letter and the attached resume as an expression of my interest in the Veterinary Receptionist position at Global Pets. Working as a veterinary receptionist for the last five years has made it possible for me to understand the work in depth. Whatever I have learned over the years, I would now like to make the most of it to contribute to Global Pets.

Because I am an animal lover by nature, working in a Veterinary Receptionist capacity has never felt like work. Throughout my professional career, I actively scheduled appointments, managed follow-ups, created and maintained records, and prepared vets’ calendars. As a genuine animal lover, I can easily relate to pet owners and provide them with the necessary information.

Besides that, I am well-versed in managing patient/pet inflow, ensuring that each appointment slot is filled and that any emergencies are accommodated immediately. Proud of the fact that a large percentage of pets who meet me, are charmed into behaving well, I offer my services to you, confident in the fact that I will contribute immediately.

I am sure that a face to face meeting between us will provide you with a clearer view of my suitability for a receptionist position at Global Pets. I will call you after a few days to follow-up and hopefully, to set up an interview date.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Rose Pollock
(000) 524-9656