Functional Summary for Receptionist Resume

Updated on April 24, 2017

Many people seem to think that you do not have to write your work responsibilities in a resume if you write a functional summary. That is not true. A functional summary may highlight your work experience and achievements but it does not replace these two sections on a resume. Typically, a functional summary is a short paragraph (sometimes a mix of paragraph and bullet points) that allows you to thoroughly describe the functional areas of your candidature.

To write a functional summary for receptionist resume, it is important that you chart out what your specific skills, experiences and accomplishments are. Highlighting these at the beginning of your resume makes sure that a hiring manager looks at your candidature with a kinder eye. Once he is given a teaser of your capabilities in a summary, he will be forced to read the rest of the resume in detail. Or at least, call you in for an interview immediately even without feeling the need to read the resume in detail.

Creating a functional summary may seem a bit cumbersome if you haven’t written one before. However, the benefits of writing one usually surpass the difficulties that it poses. Here are some examples of a functional summary for a receptionist resume:

Sample Functional Summary Statements for Receptionist Resume

❖ Customer service-oriented and friendly individual with a successful track record of serving customers and visitors at the front desk by greeting, welcoming and directing them appropriately. Proven ability to handle multiline telephone systems and directing calls in an efficient manner. Known to handle adverse situations with tact and professionalism. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

❖ Uniquely qualified Receptionist with over 10 years of varied experience in front desk and customer service arena. Highly efficient in updating appointment calendars and scheduling meetings and appointments. Best known for the following accomplishments:

✓ Decreased visitor flow problems by 65% by implementing a set of protocols to handle people inflow.
✓ Implemented a set of security procedure that increased premises safety by a 45%.

❖ High-performing Receptionist with over 7 years of dedicated experience in handling first-tier services in busy multicultural settings. Competent in managing a multiline PABX system, monitoring visitor access and maintaining security awareness, scheduling appointments and handling incoming and outgoing mail.

❖ Accomplished Receptionist with solid expertise in providing both general and administrative clerical support to a busy office. Independently replaced an outdated filing and record-keeping system, with a novel one, resulting in increased efficiency in data retrieval.

❖ Exceptionally talented Receptionist with a solid track record of performing clerical, administrative and front desk work in a profound and dedicated manner. Recognized for success in organizing conferences and meetings, scheduling appointments, controlling inventory and ensuring easy and coordinated flow of customers and visitors.