Kitchen Porter Resume Sample 2

Updated on: February 14, 2016

You may think that the hype that follows resume writing is no big deal. You are wrong. The hype is real and it is a big deal! When you send your resume to a prospective hiring authority, you are giving him your future. If you are not called in for an interview, it usually means that you have failed to prove to him or her that you are worth anything. Failure at this point translates into lost opportunities and morale crashing. And neither are positive in the long run.

Write your kitchen porter resume in a way, the end result of which will be something that you would want to read, if you were ever in a position to decide whom to give a job to. Something like this:


Kitchen Porter Resume Sample


Maimi Rocha

1766 Country Club Boulevard ● Rocky River, OH 55212 ● (000) 121-8587 ● maimirocha @ email . com


Summary: Top-performing kitchen porter with a solid reputation for excellence and high quality service to ensure customer satisfaction. Good eye for detail, well-organized and skilled in setting priorities. Proven record of washing dishes/equipment and sanitizing kitchen area in accordance with rules and regulations.

• Competent at cleaning crockery and cutlery by ensuring safe handling of each item
• Hands-on experience in performing preventative maintenance on kitchen equipment such as mixers, fridges and cookers
• Proven record of efficiently providing assistance to food preparation workers by effectually handling dicing, cutting and chopping duties


• Kitchen Maintenance • Equipment Upkeep • Storeroom Inventory
• Minimizing Breakage • Food Deliveries • Laundry Collection
• Food Preparation • Sanitation • Stock Taking
• Waste Management • Crockery Storage • Condiments Replenishment


THE AMERICAN CLUB, Rocky River, OH | 6/2013 to Present
Kitchen Porter
• Wash pots, pans and other crockery and cutlery by following set procedures for safe item handling
• Ascertain that all kitchen surfaces are kept clean and sanitized at all times
• Clean garbage cans and waste barrels and ensure appropriate removal and handling of trash on a constant basis
• Wash worktables, walls and refrigerators by using dedicated cleaning mixtures and tools
• Operate and maintain equipment such as ovens, grills, fryers and dishwashers
• Restock shelves with “to be needed immediately” products such as sauces and spices
• Remove kitchen linen such as aprons and washcloths and ensure that they are laundered properly
• Assist food preparers with their work by cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing and marinating food items

Key Accomplishments
• Reined during a massive food preparation marathon run (for a party of 1500) by providing constant and consistent support to food preparation workers
• Reduced the chances of breakage by implementing a “no more than 5 items on a tray” policy
• Implemented a dynamic waste management system which increased trash disposal efficiency by 80%
• Introduced a stock inventory system which minimized “out of stock” menu items significantly

THE VILLAGE, Rocky River, OH (10/2010 to 6/2013)
Kitchen Hand
• Cleaned surfaces such as floors and work counter by using premixed cleaning agents
• Monitored trash and ensured that it was properly disposed of before the receptacle overflows
• Collected pots, pans and dishes from different areas in the kitchen and brought them to washing areas
• Assisted in washing and drying dishes and cutlery and return them to proper storage areas
• Distributed supplies, utensils and equipment to food preparers and chefs

KENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL, Rocky River, OH – 2009
High School Diploma