Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter Samples

February 21, 2020

Cover letters, primarily if they are being written to apply for a law enforcement position need to be targeted to the exact job description.

Since law enforcement personnel are the nation’s protectors, they need to come across as “poised” and “respectful” to the interviewer – hence, the stress on how they portray themselves in cover letters.

Your cover letter should explain your experiences and skills in a story-like format – this information should complement the information in your resume so you must be very careful in writing it.

You must show the employer that you are individualizing your job application so that they do not feel that you might have applied to many places using the same cover letter – and not bothering to look through the individual job description in the advertisement.

For a law enforcement officer position, your cover letter should be carefully crafted – you need to portray that you are the person who will protect the people in your community and give them great peace of mind as far as their security is concerned.

Difficult? Yes, but not impossible. So let us see what you can write in a cover letter for a law enforcement officer’s resume.


Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter Sample 1


February 21, 2020

Mr. Donald Clegg
Director of Police
Chalfont Police Force
892 Morgan Avenue
Chalfont, PA 82935


Dear Mr. Clegg:

Having earned the respect of my colleagues and supervisors at the Bellmont Police Force, I would now like to offer my services as a Law Enforcement Officer at Chalfont Police Force. I have enclosed my resume for your perusal and would like to elaborate on why I feel that I am a good fit for this position.

My ability to build productive relationships within the community and with my peers and supervisors is what has made me successful in this role. With years of law enforcement experience (and a significant focus on protecting people and mediating in disputes), I believe that you will find my candidature exceptionally well-suited to the position. Please refer to some of the skills that I have developed over the years:

  • Well versed in gathering and analyzing evidence to come to plausible solutions
  • Track record of handling riots and controlling public behavior
  • Exceptionally competent at conducting patrols and investigating suspicious circumstances and incidents

I would be happy to discuss this position with you and request you to take out some time to meet with me. Thank you for going through my application. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Best Regards,


Oliver Matte

(Enc: Resume)



Cover Letter for Law Enforcement Officer (Sample 2)


Samuel Brian
1299 W Butler Drive ✪ Phoenix, AZ 99933
(000) 333-9999
samuel @ email . com

February 21, 2020

Mr. Ethan Halloway
Manager HR
First Security Service
7635 Rainbow Avenue N
Phoenix, AZ 77773

Re: Law Enforcement Officer Position (Job ID 6521)

Dear Mr. Halloway:

I am very interested in the position of Law Enforcement Officer that you have advertised in The Daily Ads. With my experience, skills and rigorous training in law enforcement, I am confident that I can contribute to your ongoing success.

In keeping with your requirements, I offer demonstrated expertise in:

  • Responding to calls for service
  • Arresting suspected criminals
  • Preparing cases and giving evidence in the court
  • Paroling assigned areas
  • Writing detailed reports and filling out relevant forms
  • Conducting traffic stops and issuing citations

Possessing the ability to use good judgment sense to prevent criminal acts along with inherent compassion, I am nothing if not a public servant. While I possess a mild nature, I know just when it is in everyone’s best interests to be forceful and when to control impulse.

My enclosed resume will provide you with further information regarding my ability to enforce the law on a situational basis. I would like a one-to-one meeting with you soon for which I will call your office and ask for a convenient date and time. I may be contacted at (000) 855-8888 if needed.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.



Samuel Brian

Enc. Resume



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