Overview and Guidelines

An objective statement also known as a career goal is an integral part of an entry level police officer.

● Your objective statement should be employer-focused.

● Do not just mention the position indicating that you want to attain it. You should mention your potential which will be beneficial for prospective organization.

● Communicate your core skills to the employer and suggest how these could come in handy.

Following are some sample objective statements for an entry level police officer position.

Sample Objectives for Entry Level Police Officer Resume

• To secure a Police Officer position with the Vancouver State Police Department. Bringing knowledge of crime prevention protocols, general patrolling capability and law-and-order implementation techniques to create a safe environment for community.

• Seeking an entry level Police Officer position with XYZ University utilizing expertise in crime prevention, case detection and criminal report writing for the benefit of the institution.

• Seeking to become a part of the winning law enforcement team in capacity of a Police Officer where crime investigation / prevention skills, and knowledge of constitutional implications of the same can be fully utilized.

• Methodical and dedicated law enforcement graduate seeking a Police Officer position with Bay Area Rapid Transit. Specialized courses in traffic control, order enforcement and peace preservation. Committed to take appropriate action in response to observed violations of criminal laws.

• An extensively trained and recently certified Police Officer. Particularly effective in patrolling, investigating crimes, preparing reports, preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses.

The varied formats and sentence structures seen in the above statements indicate the prevalent diversity in ideas regarding objective statement formation in today’s job market. Choose the format which best suits you and your skills. You may start by stating your core competencies or by stating the name of the potential company and the position being sought. You may make your statement sound like a summary or you may stick to the basic short form, solely stating the position and the intention of utilizing relevant skills for the community’s safety.