Top 10 Entry-Level Police Officer Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 3, 2020
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An objective statement, also known as a career goal, is an integral part of an entry-level police officer’s resume. This statement persuades the recruiter to read your resume in full detail and invite you for an interview.

How to Write a Perfect Career Objective for an Entry Level Police Officer Position?
  1. Your objective statement should be employer-focused.
  2. Do not just mention the position indicating that you want to attain it. You should mention your potential which will be beneficial for the police department.
  3. Communicate your core skills to the employer and suggest how these could come in handy.

The following are 10+ sample objective statements for an entry-level police officer resume.

10 Best Sample Objectives for Entry Level Police Officer Resume

1. Strong desire to contribute to the Redmond Police Department in the capacity of a Police Officer. Bringing Washington State Law Enforcement Training, and an associate’s degree in criminal justice to provide emergency aid, security, and protection to the citizens of Redmond.

2. A strongly motivated police officer, with an AA Degree in Police Service and Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Academy attendance. Seeking employment with the City of Richland to safeguard the lives, property, and constitutional rights of the citizens.

3. Energetic individual with POST Basic Academy Certificate seeking a Police Officer position at the City of Burlington. Poised to provide exceptional law enforcement services to meet the City’s culturally diverse needs.

4. Seeking an entry-level Police Officer position with AAA Police Department. Utilizing skills in crime prevention, case detection, and criminal report writing to create a safe community.

5. Recent Law Enforcement graduate looking for employment as a Police Officer. Leveraging knowledge of patrolling, responding to calls, preparing reports, conducting investigations, collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses.

6. Seeking to become a part of the winning law enforcement team in the capacity of a Police Officer where crime investigation/prevention skills and knowledge of constitutional implication can be fully utilized.

7. Methodical and dedicated law enforcement graduate seeking a Police Officer position with Bay Area Rapid Transit. Specialized courses in traffic control, border enforcement, and peace preservation. Committed to taking appropriate action in response to observed violations of criminal laws.

8. An extensively trained and recently certified Police Officer. Particularly effective in patrolling, investigating crimes, preparing reports, preserving evidence, and interviewing witnesses.

9. To secure a Police Officer position with the Vancouver State Police Department. Bringing knowledge of crime prevention protocols, general patrolling capability, and law-and-order implementation techniques to create a safe environment for the community.

10. High school graduate with a strong desire to protect life and property within the jurisdiction of the ABC Police Department. Bringing knowledge of providing police emergency response, patrol, investigations, and court testimony to ensure public convenience.

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