Meeting Planner Resume Sample 23 min read

Updated on: September 4, 2016

Making a lasting impression is the key function of a meeting planner resume. Since your resume is an opportunity to clearly convey to the employer how you meet the job requirements, you might want to ask yourself the following questions before you begin writing one:

Can you do the job?
• Consider some of the strengths mentioned in the job advertisement.

Are you really interested?
• We recommend that you research the prospective company and their needs before you decide that this is what you really want to do.

What is in it for you?
• Does the job contribute to the goals that you have set for yourself?

Once you are comfortable with all this information, you can move on to the resume sample below for assistance in creating your own.


Meeting Planner Resume Sample


Frank Powell

487 Birchview Drive ● Fairmont ● WV 12313 ● (000) 142-7454 ● franpow @ email . com


Performance Summary: Results-oriented and systematic individual with hands-on experience in managing logistics of corporate events using tact and perception. Unmatched talent for planning and producing corporate meetings, liaising with executives to determine their event planning needs, conducting market research to gather information of venues and vendors and negotiating contracts. Known for coordinating minute details to devise plans, aimed at meeting executives’ specific event planning needs.


• Logistical Support • Post-event Reporting • Materials Design
• Abstract Processes • Response Tracking • Reports Generation
• Market Research • Wrap-up Activities • Customer Service
• Vendor Liaison • Project Management • Negotiation

• Led 3 corporate meetings simultaneously without a single hitch in any of them
• Reduced refreshments cost by 52% by incorporating the services of a local caterer
• Designed and developed individualized meeting packs for each of the 86 meetings held between 2011 and 2015
• Produced event specifications for 12 different types of events held by the company (including meetings, seminars and workshops) which provided ease when handling logistics for each of them


Meeting Planner
SMITHBUCKLIN, Fairmont, WV (6/2012 to Present)

• Confer with executives and other staff members to determine their event planning needs
• Determine the type of place and resources that will be needed for the event in question
• Coordinate procurement of resources and materials for each seminar, meeting and workshop
• Create and maintain liaison with suppliers and vendors to secure services such as catering
• Design and develop meeting packs and ensure that they are distributed prior to the beginning of the meeting
• Wrote meeting briefs and agendas to keep members informed of the purpose of the meeting
• Make travel and accommodation arrangements for members for meetings held outside the city or country
• Inspect sites to determine suitability and compile trip reports to provide feedback to the management
• Negotiate vendor contracts to arrive at best possible quote for each planned event

Assistant Meeting Planner
WORLDWIDE BUSINESS RESEARCH, Fairmont, WV (1/2010 to 5/2012)

• Discussed event basics with executives and created plans to meet objectives
• Coordinated efforts with procurements officers to ensure delivery / availability of equipment and resources
• Conducted site visits to determine venue suitability and ensure that it meets requirements completely
• Created and maintained liaison with caterers and printers to ensure on-time delivery of food and beverage items and printable materials
• Clubbed printed material together to create meeting packs and assisted in distributing them to members

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – 2009