Order Picker Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated December 18, 2020
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Every person has many skills. In fact, every person has hundreds of skills, and each one can be related in some way to order picker job.

Without ever having had employment or prepared for a job, you are still able to perform lots of duties as an order picker.

Even if you have a non-relevant track record, you may have a lot of transferable skills gained through the non-relevant jobs that prepared you for the next job.

Many entry-level or experienced applicants are not aware of their skills and, when writing their resume or asked in a job interview regarding their skills and experience, they have little or nothing to say.

Some people are uncertain to write a good resume as they do not know how to define their transferable skills for an order picking position.

How can you keep away from this situation?

How can you tell a company or warehouse you have the skills for an Order Picker job when you’ve never done that job previously?

To be a winning job hunter, you must tell the employer what you can do for them.

A systematic analysis of your qualities and abilities should head any communication with employers.

An Order picker resume, job application, and job interview will be more successful if you have done a thorough skill analysis first.

Skills gained from unpaid helping work, hobbies, education, and other life experiences must be examined besides those skills acquired from a salaried job.

If you have trouble identifying your key skills, use these samples that help you get started.

Sample Skills for Order Picker Resume

• Competent at operating forklift and pallet jack.

• Highly skilled in receiving pick tickets from warehouse supervisor.

• Special talent for reading orders to determine catalog number, size, color, and amount of merchandise.

• Able to obtain merchandise from bins or shelves.

• Track record of picking customer orders for shipment.

• Able to carry and transport orders to shipping locations or delivery platforms with materials handling the equipment.

• Demonstrated ability to ensure orders are staged in order of delivery.

• Adept at guaranteeing the accurate number and type of product is loaded and shipped.

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