Order Filler Job Description for Resume

Updated September 26, 2017

Position Overview

An order filler or an order picker is an individual who is hired by warehouses to pick and prepare packages for delivery purposes. These individuals spend their entire work day on their feet, ensuring that the right order is delivered to the customer.

Their main job is to make sure that the order picking work is handled in a proper way, so that the customer gets the right order at the right time.

Educational & Skills Requirements

Working as an order filler will require you to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. But if you have had some exposure to working in a warehouse environment before, your candidate will be considered more acceptable.

You need to possess great physical dexterity as you will often need to pick and lift heavy objects, and move them from one place to another. Some knowledge of packing different types of items, and performing labeling duties will also come in handy when working as an order filler.

Since order fillers need to perform a lot of physical work, it is important for them to possess exceptional physical dexterity. As an order filler, you will be working on your feet most of the day, often having to walk long distances several times a day. Some of the main duties of an individual working as an order filler include:


Order Filler Job Description for Resume


• Look through work orders in a daily basis and determine the type and quantity of items to be picked up.

• Locate items according to their batch and items numbers within assigned storage areas.

• Compare the information on work orders with located items to ensure that both are at par with each other.

• Pick items by hand, or use forklifts to pick orders that are heavy or too difficult to reach.

• Transport items to the packing areas, and check them for any defects or problems.

• Isolate items that are damaged or do not conform to quality standards, and inform the manager about them.

• Pack picked orders in bubble wrap and crates and boxes, to keep them secure during transit.

• Ascertain that appropriate labels are affixed on each packed item, displaying proper item and batch number

• Transport packed items to the delivery pallet and assist in loading them onto delivery trucks or vans.

• Ascertain that all items are properly secured with harnesses within the delivery vehicle.

• Create paperwork for all shipments, ensuring that appropriate documents are sent along with each item.