Job Description for Order Picker

Updated on April 6, 2019

Position Overview

Order pickers work in a warehouse environment where their primary duty is to pick up orders and deliver them to the delivery platform for the benefit of customers.

They are expected to pick customer orders for shipment keeping in mind the quantity and type that is specified. Also, they assemble various types of merchandise for shipment purposes and transport orders to shipping locations determined by a supervisor.


The job of an order picker may seem simple but it, in fact, needs a lot of detail orientation as both quality and quantity of “picked” merchandise are of the utmost importance.

An order picker will be expected to maintain material handling equipment by noting and reporting any damage or malfunction and managing battery connections for the equipment in question.

Other job duties of this worker may include placing incoming items in the inventory, conduct inventories physically and manage data entry procedures relevant to order picking and inventory duties.

Order pickers are also required to pack and repack orders when necessary and weigh them according to instructions. They need to be vigilant and organized personnel as the need to ensure that inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and free of damage.

Since this is a job-based in a warehouse, they need to be able to operate a forklift and possess a license for its operation too. In a highly automated warehouse environment, they will need to be familiar with voice pick systems and be able to manage most maintenance activities himself.


Job Description for Order Picker Resume

• Performed general physical activities in the warehouse; loading, unloading, sorting and moving products and materials manually and using material handling equipment.

• Read work orders and received verbal instructions for work assignments.

• Filled and completed order receipts, and assembled orders in shipping containers.

• Transported requests to and from the shipping area.

• Stocked shelves and kept stock clean and in sequence.

• Marked containers with identifying information.

• Performed general cleaning duties.

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