Physical Therapy Aides work directly under the supervision of certified physical therapists. They assist physical therapist in administering treatment to patients and usually have a support role to play. They help prepare patients for therapy procedures and assist them with information on exercises. Physical Therapy Aides usually work at hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.

Working to assist a physical therapist is just one layer of the job of a physical therapy aide. In almost all settings, they are required to perform administrative duties such as taking phone calls and scheduling appointments. Providing therapy of this nature is not easy and therapist aides are required to have at least an associate degree to ensure that they know their jobs.

If you are applying for a position as a physical therapy aide, you may need to work a little on your resume objective – as a prospective employer will scrutinize it closely before calling your for an interview. We have some sample objectives that we suggest you customize for your resume here.

Physical Therapy Aide Resume Objective Examples

• Certified Physical Therapy Aide seeking employment in the same capacity at PT Clinic where skills in administering active and passive manual therapeutic exercises will be fully utilized.

• Seeking a position as a Physical Therapy Aide for Family Healthcare utilizing well honed skills in assisting a unit of physical therapists in administrative tasks and patient care procedures.

• Looking for a position of a Physical Therapy Aide with Green Care Hospital making the most of my experience in physical rehabilitation procedures and office administration in an environment conducive to mutual growth.

• Seeking a position of Physical Therapy Aide for Nashville Hospice. Demonstrated skills and expertise in physical therapy procedures and patient rehabilitation.

• To obtain a position as a Physical Therapy Aide for Amville County Physical Care where profound understanding of working with arthritis patients is used to maximize the efficiency of organization.