Pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists and are responsible for a variety of operations. They may be asked to record medication requests, perform data entry services and even verify the validity of prescriptions. Additionally, they are responsible for filling out prescriptions and labeling containers. Pharmacy technicians usually work on their feet on a typical work day and should possess the ability to manage this physical aspect of the job.

In addition to this, pharmacy technicians provide assistantship to pharmacists by dealing with customers, retrieving medication from shelves and even take telephone calls. They may also be required to perform a cashier’s duties off and on.

If you are looking for a position as a pharmacy technician, you may need to give your resume an once-over especially where the resume objective is concerned. Since I resume objective is sometimes the only reason an employer will look at your resume, it holds the most importance in this document. Here are a few examples of resume objectives for this position.


Pharmacy Technician Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a challenging position of Pharmacy Technician with Clinix Medications where I may use my ability to work with details and precision in providing relevant services.

• A Pharmacy Technician position with The Drug Company utilizing exceptional ability to follow written instructions with a strong background in working at a similar position.

• To obtain a position as a Pharmacy Technician with Coral Meds where I can employ my understanding of prescriptions and medical terminology in order to assist the pharmacist with daily pharmacy operations.

• Seeking a Pharmacy Technician position with The Pharmacy. Offering wide experience in managing work in a pharmacy environment along with excellent medical information acumen.

• To work for Core Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician utilizing expertise in providing best customer services and a profound ability to work in an environment that demands error free work.