Entry Level Pharmacy Technician Resume With No Experience

Updated on: June 29, 2020

Employers usually have little time and patience to see many Pharmacy Technician resumes, therefore, it is recommended to write it carefully.

There is a huge possibility that the employer will be doing other things while looking through your resume. That is to say, they may be on the phone or talking to someone with your resume in his hand.

Therefore, only a resume that is really outstanding will make him forget what he is doing and pay attention to your resume.

And you are at a bit of a disadvantage if you have submitted your resume for an entry-level job.

But this is nothing to worry about. What you do have to worry about is how you word your entry-level resume.

Let us suppose that you are applying for a pharmacy technician position as a first job. You will have to force the employer to focus on your qualifications (do not let lack of experience in the field hinder you).

You may have held a relevant summer job that you can mention – pay attention to your core competencies when writing a resume.

Here is an example of an entry-level pharmacy technician resume that you can use as a sample to write one for yourself.

Terrance Darby
1029 Washington Street, Alexandria, KY 33441
(000) 999-9999
tdarby @ email . com


Poised to utilize Customer Service, Communication, and Front Desk Management skills in a fast-paced environment.

A highly-motivated individual with a strong knowledge of taking orders for filling prescriptions. Familiar with handling administrative duties associated with medicine dispensing work. A hard worker who is well versed in preparing customized medications in accordance with standards and informing customers of appropriate usage.

Pharmacy Technician Certificate 
Status: Current

Grafton High School, Alexandria, KY | 2014


Pharmacy Helper
Grafton High School, Alexandria, KY, 6/2013 to 9/2013

  • Assisted school doctor in dispensing medication to students
  • Tended to wound by bandaging and applying local medications
  • Printed labels for pillboxes and bottles and ensured that proper labels are placed
  • Monitored medication inventory and alerted school doctor of low stock or expired medication

– Pharmacological Terminology
– Medication Processing
– Bookkeeping
– Labels Preparation
– Narcotics Awareness
– Billing
– Order Filling
– Drugs Pre-packaging
– Inventory

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