It is highly recommended to include an objective statement in an entry level Pharmacy Technician resume instead of a profile or summary paragraph. Since entry level candidates are not in possession of large experience to flaunt in order to catch the employer’s attention, it is advisable to replace the profile summary with a simple career objective statement. An objective statement is typically employer centered these days. It is more like a statement of ‘why you should hire me’ rather than ‘why I need the job’.

It is important to go through the job description at least once before building an objective statement. Candidates can come up with more impressive objective statements if they have a better idea of what specific skills the employer is looking for.

Sample Objectives for Entry Level Pharmacy Technician Resume

Just like an entry level resume is different from that of an experienced professional, objective statements of both also differ in various aspects. Entry level objective statements are usually meant to instill more passion to showcase the candidate’s potential and usually these statements mention less of competencies.

Following are some entry level pharmacy technician objective statements. These will not only serve as a guide for candidates trying to build a pharmacy technician objective statement for their resume, but can also be modified to suit candidate’s potential and profile.

• To obtain a position of pharmacy technician with Mega Life utilizing state approved certificate along with knowledge of pharmacy practice principles and assistantship.

• Looking for a position as a pharmacy technician at ABC Company. Offering matchless skills in prescription interpreting, drug dispensing and medicine inventory maintenance for the assistance and betterment of the company.

• To seek a pharmacy technician position at AAA pharmacy. Enthusiastic to contribute in high quality pharmacy services while learning from and working closely with the committed team at Mega Life.

• To work for Mega Life as a pharmacy technician. Bringing immaculate skills in following instructions and responding efficiently to interpreted medicinal prescription requests. Possess deep knowledge of policies governing daily safe pharmacy practices.

• To assist the pharmacy team at SSS Company utilizing skills and acumen in prescription handling, medicine dispensing and translating medical terminology to assist the senior pharmacist in capacity of a junior pharmacy technician.

• A fresh and energetic pharmacy technician seeking work at an organization where pharmaceutical skills of drug dispersion and prescription interpretation can come in handy for the advancement of the company.

• To bring my skills and knowledge to XYZ Company as a pharmacy technician.