6 Paralegal Resume Objectives with No Experience

Updated on: August 3, 2020
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When you want to work as a paralegal at the entry-level, you have to make an extra effort to impress the hiring manager. This effort begins with the most important part of your resume – the objective.

Your resume objective for a paralegal position must be a solid statement. In it, you must highlight that you possess the skills needed to get the work done, even if you haven’t had any experience previously.

In particular, your paralegal resume objective should highlight your enthusiasm to work for a specific employer. It should also focus on your knowledge and skills that will be helpful for the employer.

To convince a hiring manager that you are a good option to hire as a paralegal, you must emphasize your education in this regard and any internship experience that you may have to your name. Also, your resume objective should focus on your communication skills, along with the ability to handle research work perfectly.

A few examples of paralegal resume objectives are provided below:

6 Sample Objectives for Entry Level Paralegal Resume with No Experience

1. Looking for a Paralegal position at Attorneys Co. Leveraging excellent knowledge of handling legal issues and paperwork. Competent in reaching out to clients and witnesses, in order to obtain solid information from them.

2. Graduate Paralegal from ABC College, presenting seeking a Paralegal position at Harvard Attorneys. Offering knowledge of helping prepare for trials by organizing exhibits, acquiring initial information from prospective clients, and providing attorneys with comprehensive overviews. Familiar with preparing briefs, wills, contracts, and closing statements.

3. Resourceful and organized individual with deep knowledge of providing assistance in a Paralegal capacity. Strong desire to work for Redmond Law Services employing skills in acting as a liaison among all parties such as courts, witnesses, clients, and attorneys.

4. To work for City Attorneys in the capacity of a paralegal. Excellent skills in summarizing depositions, and trial transcripts and exhibits. Exceptional ability to research case-related facts, and providing attorneys with consolidated information.

5. Paralegal, recently graduated from one of the top law universities in the country, presently seeking a position at Lawyers at Work. Offering competencies in conducting in-depth client interviews, and acquiring required information. Able to summarize depositions, testimonies, and interrogations.

6. Looking for a Paralegal position at Great Lawyers Inc. Bringing hands-on experience in conducting investigations, and research work, as well as handling filing and record-keeping tasks. Skilled in drafting legal court documents such as motions, affidavits, and subpoenas.

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