House Painter Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated: July 17, 2020

House painters work on the interior and exterior of houses. They apply paint, varnish, and stains to make houses appear neat and finished.

But painting is not their prime job as they need to handle many tasks such as analyzing the need for painting a house and deciding what type of paint it needs.

The work of a house painter can be complicated as there is much that they need to do on a typical workday. That may include responding to bids for projects by ensuring the correct quote is provided and discussing homeowners’ choice of paint color and types.

They are also required to make decisions regarding choosing the right materials that will help them in performing painting tasks and selecting appropriate tools such as brushes and rollers.

Working as a house painter needs many skills and abilities; one needs to possess great insight into the material and techniques used in this work.

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Below is a list of skills and abilities that a house painter can use to make a good house painter resume:

Skills and Abilities for House Painter Resume

• Well-versed with different types of available paints and their uses.

• Profound know-how of using sealers and primers to edge on painting jobs.

• Competent in operating painting equipment such as power washers and scrapers.

• Solid background in using wire brushes, sanders, and rollers efficiently.

• Ability to differentiate between the need to use rollers, brushes, or spray paints according to the needs of the project.

• Creative skills aimed at using texturing tools to make designs and textures on walls and roofs.

• Deep understanding of using different types of paints and tools for the interior and exterior of houses.

• Physical dexterity targeted at handling painting work that requires strength and agility such as climbing ladders and an excellent sense of balance.

• Exceptional attention to detail aimed at ensuring that just the right amount of paint is used and no uneven finishes are visible.

• Customer service: able to make sure that customers are adequately satisfied by providing them with exactly what they are looking for.

• Excellent communication skills aimed at understanding project needs and ensuring they are met.

• Ability to handle both the planning and prep work phases in a time-efficient manner.

• Familiar with popular painting trends and competition to provide the same type of services.

• Capable of handling painting jobs with self-direction and self-management.

• Mathematical acumen aimed at calculating paint job estimates for customers.

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