Personal Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Position Overview A personal assistant’s main job is to provide support services to an executive. He or she typically performs administrative and clerical work processes for an executive, aiming to free up their time for other work processes. Education and Skills Requirements In order to be considered eligible to work as a personal assistant, you… Read More »

Letter of Recommendation for LPN to Nursing School

How to Write a Professional Recommendation Letter for LPN? A recommendation or reference letter for a licensed practical nurse must include your reason for writing one. It should contain positive traits of the applicant such as excellent work ethics and high bedside manner. You can mention how the applicant’s experiences and knowledge as a nurse… Read More »

IT Help Desk Technician Resume Sample

An IT help desk support technician holds an important position, as technically, he or she is required to help clients with information technology issues. Hence, an individual working at this position is hired after careful scrutiny of job application documents, especially the resume. As an applicant for this position, your resume should speak highly of… Read More »

IT Help Desk Technician Cover Letter Sample

Your cover letter to apply for the IT help desk technician position must be interesting enough to attract the hiring manager to read your attached resume. Essentially, your cover letter should complement your resume in a perfect way without duplicating the content of your resume. Here is a great example for you to get ideas… Read More »

IT Help Desk Job Description for Resume

Position Overview One of the most important jobs in the world is that of an IT help desk technician or associate, as everything is dependent on information technology. Typically, it is the job of an IT help desk associate to provide assistance to users, especially when they face a technical issue. Their main work is… Read More »

Duct Installer Resume Sample

A duct installer’s work is quite complex which is why when applying for a position as one, your resume should show that you are the right person to do the job perfectly. A mix of skills and qualifications must be shown in the resume. To see how you can write an effective duct installer resume,… Read More »

Duct Installer Cover Letter Sample

In order to apply for a duct installer’s job, you must write a cover letter as well as a resume. It is important to know that your cover letter has to be of a certain standard to be accepted. That said, write your cover letter with appropriate information regarding your skills in performing duct installation… Read More »

10 Duct Installer Interview Questions and Answers

A duct installer’s work requires great skill and precision, this is why it is important to prepare well in advance of an interview for this position. The interview process will consist of many questions that will help the recruiter figure out which individual is best for a duct installer position. Ranging from the typical to… Read More »

10 Air Duct Cleaner Interview Questions and Answers

An air duct cleaner’s interview process will include several questions to determine the viability of hiring an individual to do the job. It is important to ensure that you prepare for the interview in advance. Most questions at an air duct cleaner’s interview will revolve around the applicant’s physical and analytic skills in using equipment… Read More »

Air Duct Cleaner Cover Letter Sample | Duct Cleaning Technician

In order to apply for an air duct cleaning job, you must write a charming cover letter, to ease your way into the recruiter’s favor. A duct cleaner cover letter should essentially mention your knowledge of assessing area air quality, performing duct cleaning work, and providing suggestions to clients. The following cover letter sample for… Read More »