As a general rule of thumb, whenever you email a resume for administrative assistant position to an employer, you should write a compelling cover letter in the body of email. It should consist of 3 paragraphs: First paragraph: State your enthusiasm, keen interest, where you learned about the employer and position and how could you […]

An administrative assistant is usually a support expert in different types of private and government organizations. S/he performs all transactional duties in an effort to help the office run smoothly. S/he is generally the primary point of contact to individuals seeking to meet managers. A well-written Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant position is a […]

One of the fastest growing careers in the United States of America is that of a medical assistant. Medical assistants acquire training in post secondary programs and earn either a diploma or a certificate that makes them eligible to apply for this position. Position Overview Medical assistants are a very important part of the healthcare […]

Medical assistants are responsible for various secretarial and clinical tasks as well as pulling and filing medical charts, taking medical histories, recording vitals, explaning medical procedures and administering medications. Writing a medical assistant resume, when you have no relevant experience in hand, is somewhat tricky. A lot of applicants who are seeking their first job as […]

Overview & Guidelines Writing a cover letter for new CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Resume is tricky because lack of experience makes it difficult to justify your candidacy for CNA position. But you do not need to worry in this situation as you can still prove yourself the best candidate by focusing on your transferable skills […]

Overview There are several positions comes under the broad category of reservation agents. This includes travel reservation agents, airline reservation agents, hotel reservation agents, train station reservation agents and bus reservation agents. There is no formal education is required to apply for this position. Employers usually give on the job training to newly hired reservation […]

If you are applying for a nursing assistant job, you will need to make sure that your resume gets read – and the best way to do this is to ensure that your cover letter effectively sells your nursing skills. A nursing assistant cover letter should be written in a way that look good at […]