Overview Sous Chefs spend most of their time in managing the kitchen’s foodstuff and production processes. They participate in the preparation, flavor making and cooking of food, supervises kitchen workers, and performs all other responsibilities as directed by the managers. A successful sous chef will be accountable for creating valuable working relationships with clients and […]

A Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) works under the command of a licensed PT or physical therapist to help with a patient’s therapy program compliant with federal rules and state practice acts. The purpose of writing a cover letter for a Physical Therapist Assistant Resume is to persuade the employer to read your resume and ask you for an […]

A Culinary Chef’s expertise, creativity, qualifications and knowledge written on the resume decide the place where they could use their culinary talents. Treat your Culinary Chef resume as a preamble in your job hunting process. Think and create a list of every culinary-related skill you possess. By doing a solid home work, you will be […]

Following job duties for physical therapist assistant / aide or PTA Resume might be added in experience or employment history section. PTA Job Overview A Physical Therapist Assistant and Aide supports physical therapists in conducting medical treatment programs for patients to bring back their body function, lessen pain, and avert disability due to disease or […]

Position Overview A Physical Therapist Assistant, also known as Physiotherapy assistant and occupational therapy assistant, works under licensed physical therapists and assist them in accomplishing therapy programs such as traction, thermotherapy and hydrotherapy to recover patients with different injuries or disabilities to make best use of their ability to manage daily activities without help. PTA […]

A Houseman is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the assigned premises. They are usually employed by private households, hospitals, hotels, motels and other organizations. Exact job responsibilities involved with this job depend on the type of organization. Following are some similar job titles of houseman: • Housekeeping Aide • Cleaner • Hospital Cleaner • Housekeeping Room […]

A Care Assistant develops friendly and courteous relationships with clients or residents. They enable clients or patients to maintain their comfort by ensuring that their requirements are met in proportion to their habits and lifestyles as given in the care plan by employer. While your care assistant resume is a summary of your credentials, your cover letter […]