A job follow up inquiry is important to send to a prospective employer when you do not hear from a company for a long period of time. It reinforces your enthusiasm and interest in joining a specific organization. The following sample will assist you writing in your letter of Job Follow Up Inquiry.   Also See: Sample Email […]

It does not matter which company or private home you are applying for, a maid cover letter is an essential part of your job application package. Cover letters determine that a candidate is well versed with the tasks and duties related to the job. the capacity to write coherently along with selling the candidate to […]

Overview A resume for a residential assistant position is a snapshot of your most relevant skills, qualifications and experiences. The following resume example will assist you in writing a great resume for residential assistant job.     Residential Assistant Resume Sample   Cynthia Mann 228 Park Ave New York, NY 10002 (000) 999-0987 mann @ […]

Cover letters are important no matter what post you are applying for – as they create the first point of contact with an employer thus creating a first impression. Consider cover letters as a wrapping for a present; the prettier the packing, the more curiosity as to what is inside. Let us have a look […]

Many of the traditional resume rules and templates are not effective for maid or house cleaning positions. This is due to the fact that their employers are often working parents so they perceive a resume and job application in a much different way as compared to companies. The following resume example for a maid position […]

A resume for Laundry Assistant position should be submitted in response to an advertised job opening or as part of employment inquiry. As an important part of your job application package, your resume should indicate your skilles, capabilities, experiences and accomplishments in a precise manner. The following sample resume for laundry assistant position will help you in […]

You might have come across many cover letter samples for different positions in different capacities. However, finding a cover letter sample that you can use in order to apply for an advance on your salary is hard to come by. If you are looking for such kind of sample, the following example will help you […]