Picker Packer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated October 26, 2021
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Picker Packer Job Description

Pick Packers usually work in a warehouse setting where they are required to assist with filling orders, manage the warehouse inventory, and pack goods.

They work in collaboration with other supply chain management professionals. 

On a typical workday, pickers packers utilize requisitions and order sheets to pick a wide range of items, place and arrange merchandise in containers following instructions, and arrange containers on pallets.

Besides that, they check containers for damage while ensuring that correct items and quantities are selected. 

A picker packer has to operate a forklift or pallet jack, maintain warehouse equipment, and perform basic maintenance tasks.

Job Duties for a Picker Packer Resume

  • Process all items to be shipped, as well as those coming to the warehouse, following established organizational procedures.
  • Organize materials shipped to the warehouse according to picking list, item number, lot number, and quantity.
  • Generate labels and stick them on each item for ease of inventory.
  • Maintain a list of all items needed by the organization, and provide them to shippers and movers as required.
  • Choose the right packaging for each item to ease packing and shipment.
  • Maintain a work area that is clean and tidy.
  • Lift heavy boxes and store them in designated areas.
  • Pick items manually or by using electronic scanning devices.
  • Follow safety rules in picking, packing, packaging, and shipping.
  • Take and record regular inventory according to fixed company schedules.
  • Train new employees according to company standard operating procedures, and supervise them as well as apprentices.
  • Prepare paperwork for each shipment coming to or going out of the warehouse.
  • Write and submit daily, weekly and monthly reports on inventory and usage.

Picker Packer Skills Requirement

To be a picker packer, you have to be physically strong because you’ll have to pick up heavy boxes and put them away, or take heavy boxes out of the storeroom and bring them out to wherever they need to be.

You will need to put them on pallets or in vans for shipment. You may also have to generate labels and do all the paperwork needed for things like shipment.

You will be the one to keep the work area clean and tidy and make sure that all the inventory needed is stored ready for use.

To ensure success in this position you will need to ensure a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.