Resume Summary for Forklift Operator

Updated on December 4, 2015


Forklift operator resume summaries are not only about what your professional life has been like. They are also about what you learned during the process and how you used what you learnt to make a difference. But there is a huge difference between writing a resume summary and an accomplishment. You cannot go into too much detail regarding your accomplishments when you write a resume summary. A hint is enough.

A summary statement for forklift operator resume is a short blurb of what you are as a professional, so there really isn’t much that you can write in it. But whatever you do write, needs to be spot on. As you go through the various qualifications and skills that you possess, you need to keep track of the most important ones – and those which are relevant to the position that you intend to apply for. Other qualifications can be talked about at the interview but they need not be part of your resume – especially not the summary.

Can you write three to four lines defining your professional life? It is easy if you have all the information at hand. The information that you will need is a list of your abilities and a list of those required by the employer. Compare the two and see how well they are in sync with each other. Write a resume summary accordingly.

For a forklift operator position, the following resume summaries should suffice as a reference point:

Sample Summaries for Forklift Operator Resume

• Highly motivated and competent forklift operator with extensive experience in driving and maneuvering forklifts within a warehouse environment. Well-versed in ensuring safe and efficient operation of the vehicle by ascertaining appropriate preventative maintenance and repair on a regular basis.

• Dedicated, helpful and customer service-oriented individual with 4+ years’ hands-on experience in performing order pulling and stacking duties. Able to safely and effectively use standard forklifts within large warehouses.

• Highly skilled forklift operator with proven abilities in loading and unloading goods from vehicle such as trucks and aircraft using forklifts. Firsthand experience in stacking goods in correct orders and performing daily equipment checks to ensue appropriate maintenance and repair.

• Forklift operator, known for precision and hard work brought on by intense training within warehouse settings. Demonstrated expertise in handling stock pulling and storage activities according to established company guidelines.

• Dependable and productive worker with a current forklift license. Proficient in operating and maintaining forklifts and pallet jacks using extreme precision. Highly skilled in using forklifts to perform a variety of duties within a warehouse setting.