Production Operator Skills List for Resume

Updated on: October 10, 2016

The skills section on a resume is considered the most important for one main reason. And that is the fact that it provides prospective employers with deep insight into what a candidate is capable of. While other sections in a resume are quite important too, it is actually the skills section which becomes a focal deciding point for many employers. This is especially true where those positions are concerned that require skilled workers.

Depending on what type of job that you have applied for, the skills section needs to be filled with information pertinent to the position. If for instance you are applying for a production operator’s position, your skills will lie in how well you handle machine operations and calibration duties. While you may be a great communicator, you do not really need to list communication as your skill – simply because it is not relevant.

Relevancy is the key to success here. You may have a dozen skills that you are so proud of but if they are not relevant to the job for which you are applying, they are no good to the employer. In fact, writing them on your resume will actually cut your chances of employment. Be cautious!

How do I write my skills so that they become an attraction for employers? Simple. Pick up buzzwords from the job description and use them in your sentences when you create a list of skills. When an employer sees the same keywords that he used in the advertisement that he created or approved, he is bound to take notice.

For a production operator position, you can refer to the following list of skills:

Sample Skills List for Production Operator Resume

• Highly skilled in interpreting documents and manuals compliant to National and International Standards: ISO, OSHA, etc.
• Hands-on experience in running production machines and assembling products to customers’ satisfactions
• Proficient in the use of measuring equipment and techniques specifically used in production processes
• Adept at performing preventative and regular maintenance on production machinery and equipment
• Qualified to drive a forklift in a safe and efficient manner by ensuring that all standards for safety are met
• Demonstrated expertise in writing effective routine reports and correspondence
• Documented success in completing inventories, entering product and quantity information on time and with 100% accuracy
• Focused on ensuring all production processes are completed in agreement with QMS and ISO standards
• Competent in mathematical reasoning, calculation, and interpreting graphical data pertinent to production work
• Proven ability to multi task to ensure that production deadlines are constantly met