Production Operator Resume Sample 2

Updated on: January 2, 2016

There are several wrong ways of writing a resume. The good news is that there are far more right ways of writing resumes! How a resume is written eventually decides if you will be asked to appear for an interview, so following the right path is important.

Back when not much emphasis was placed on writing good resumes, anything did the job. Now, hiring managers look for candidates who have taken out time and done something about “fitting into the company”. And the resume shows this.

A production operator for instance, should create a resume that looks something like this:

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Production Operator Resume Sample


Oscar Santos

1010 Firecracker Road ● Slocomb, AL 35201 ● (000) 543-2343 ● oscsan @ email . com


Performance Profile: Physically dexterous and energetic production operator with extensive experience in setting up and operating equipment during different processes across the production line. Highly organized with a great attention to detail, aimed at ensuring that all production procedures are carried out with hitches.

• Documented ability to adjust machines and check them for any unusual instances or movements.
• Track record of operating high speed production machines by efficiently managing settings and conducting tests to ensure successful operations.
• Proven record of efficiently setting / feeding raw materials into production machines by following strict loading protocols.
• Special talent for inspecting equipment to determine need for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.


• Maintenance Measures • Equipment Inspection • Process Monitoring
• Machine Operation • Quality Assurance • Material Handling
• Inventory Management • Testing and Repair • Workplace Safety
• Performance Evaluation • Waste Management • Workspace Maintenance


Production Operator | INTERNATIONAL PAPER, Slocomb, AL (5/2013 to Present)

• Set up production equipment according to the processes defined in daily work orders
• Test run production equipment to make sure that there are no hitches later on in the cycle
• Inspect equipment to determine cyclical problems or need for repair and ensure that these needs are immediately fulfilled
• Set controls according to each different production process and monitor the process closely to ensure its continuity
• Troubleshoot jams and irregularities during processes by implementing preset troubleshooting directives
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on production machinery and acquire external help in cases of extreme need for repair
• Feed / load raw materials into the production machinery after making sure that the quantity and timing is correct
• Coordinate efforts with procurement managers to ensure that sufficient raw material are available and handle stock inventory

Key Contributions & Accomplishments
• Introduced a step by step guide to measure quality control at each stage of the production cycle, reducing the need for repeat batches
• Implemented a core inventory handling system which helped reorganize supply and stocking of raw materials
• Suggested implementing a waste management system, now dubbed as Waste Away, which reduced problematic waste handling problem within the production area
• Held 15 workshops on workplace safety to acquaint new hires to keep them and their work safe from internal and external forces

Production Aide | TARGET, Slocomb, AL (1/2011 to 5/2013)

• Checked production machineries at the beginning of each shift to ensure that it is in proper working order
• Collected raw materials needed for each production cycles and assisted operators in loading them into machines
• Assisted in the repair and maintenance of production machines by ensuring that company protocols are met
• Provided support in handling equipment and materials inventory
• Maintained and cleaned machines and equipment after each production cycle

High School Diploma

MS Word and Excel, Windows