General Overview

Machine operators who work in a factory environment may be asked to operate one particular type of machinery depending on their individual placement. They are expected to perform all functions in a safe manner as this is a high risk job.

As a good resume is your first step towards obtaining a Machine Operator job. The following free resume sample will assist you in the process of resume writing.

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Machine Operator Resume Example


Carl Dane

7-1 Madison Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 55343
(999) 909-9799, carl @ email . com


Looking for a position as a Machine Operator with Acme Industries utilizing exceptional skills in operating different types of machinery in order to orchestrate a smooth flow of production process.


• Over 9 years’ successful experience in operating different kinds of machines in a factory environment
• Specialized courses in factory machine functioning and handling
• Highly skilled in the safe and efficient use of tools
• In depth knowledge of machine setting and tendering procedures
• Hands-on experience in lathe operations and drill-press operations


• Proven ability to work according to manuals
• Able to produce best results on a tight schedule
• Precise and detail oriented
• Good mechanical aptitude
• Excellent hand-eye coordination
• Adept at operating forklift and pallet jack


Atlas Works, Pittsfield, MA                                         September 2008 – Present
Machine Operator

• Operate production machinery in a safe and efficient manner
• Perform safety and maintenance checks regularly
• Clean equipment and tools appropriately
• Train new employees in machine operation activities
• Meet production quotas by managing work load effectively

Major Achievements
• Trained a team of machine operators to a new technology heavy machinery brought in to manufacture tires
• Wrote a booklet on the safe and efficient use of machinery and tools which is now a regular handout for new and existing employees

Zep, Inc. – Emerson, GA                                 January 2006 – September 2008
General Factory Worker

• Performed preventive maintenance, inspection and lubrication tasks
• Carried out minor mechanical repairs
• Ensured quality goals are achieved and downtime of equipment is minimized
• Handled set up and changeover tasks effectively
• Maintained production lines and equipment to a high level of sanitation


Diploma: Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, MA – 2005