An operating room nurse ensures the delivery of proper nursing care to surgical patients before, during and after operations. Responsibilities include administering IV and oral medications on time, monitoring post surgery recovery, planning appropriate nursing care for each case as per the patient’s needs and ensuring complete implementation of the nursing care plan. A compassionate personality with strong verbal power and multi tasking ability is must.

Creating descriptions for a position is a difficult task, perhaps more complicated than resume and cover letter writing. The whole selection process is based on the descriptions of the position. These should be formulated briefly, must be very specific in nature and need to be chalked out after great consideration.

It is very important for candidates to go through some job descriptions for the position they are interested in before actually applying. Following is a description of operating room nurse, which will help not only in developing a better understanding of the position but also in updating your resume for the position.

Job Description for Operating Room Nurse Resume

• Plan individual pre and post surgery care for cases
• Ensure pre surgery protocols, tests, and x-rays
• Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills while answering patient queries and explaining the treatment schedule
• Keep the shift news board updated with latest record of patient vitals taken during regular rounds in the surgical ward
• Monitor post operational patients and communicate any point of concern effectively to the relevant doctor
• Administer scheduled Intra Venous medications and maintain patient record chart
• Sterilize and arrange surgical equipment and make the operation room ready for procedures
• Scrub in surgery when needed, assist with handling of equipment during and after the operation
• Assist in post operational stitching, bandaging and transport of the patient to the recovery room
• Take the written and verbal consent of patient and guardian before the surgery
• Assist the patient in getting ready before surgery, ensure the patient has fasted, changed in the operations room dress and removed all jewelry items

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
• Know how of computerized data operating system
• Ability to understand and follow instructions
• Knowhow of standard sterilization protocols in operation rooms
• Analytical patient need analysis and evaluation skills
• Scrubbing in surgeries when needed
• Bilingual skills (English and Spanish)
• Ability to work calmly and effectively under high stress work conditions

Desired Certification
RN certification applicable in the state of Employment