Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Updated June 18, 2019

A cover letter is the most critical part of a new graduate nurse job application set or portfolio.

In your letter, highlight the key points of your resume that will help you to contribute to the prospective organization.


Besides, mention your most relevant skills and show your enthusiasm to work for a specific employer.

Resumes for Graduate Nurse position follow a standard format. On the other hand, a cover letter is an opportunity for you to highlight your enthusiasm and relate your interests and skills to the employer’s needs.




Take a look at the following New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter to get a better idea on writing your letter.


Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Sample


Alvina Anderson
51 8th Street
Syracuse, NY 65287
(000) 587-1254

June 18, 2019

Ms. Jane Anderson
Senior Manager of Human Resources
St. Joseph’s Hospital
254 South Street
Syracuse, NY 02122


Dear Ms. Anderson:

It is with continued interest that I respond to your job posting for Graduate Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital. With an exceptional educational background, great patient care skills, and hands-on nursing internship experience, I will be able to make a substantial contribution to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Through my education and internship, I have gained exceptional knowledge and skills in:

• Performing nursing functions and providing direct and indirect nursing care

• Coordinating with senior nurses to evaluate patients’ health status and condition

• Making and documenting diagnostic studies on patients

• Implementing nursing actions and evaluating patients’ response

• Formulating the holistic plan of nursing care

• Organizing services for all healthcare team members

Furthermore, I have a demonstrated ability to provide patients and families with health education and emotional support. My attached resume details my qualifications and nursing skills.

As a diligent and enthusiastic graduate nurse, I am eager to discuss my skills and learn more about your expectations. I will call you after five days to follow-up and set-up a suitable date and time to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Alvina Anderson

(000) 201-3621

Attachment. Resume


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