Many employers or nursing schools ask CNAs or Nursing Assistants to provide a letter of recommendation from their previous employer.

Writing a letter of recommendation for a Certified Nursing Assistant seems a tedious task, but, being a supervisor you have to spare some time to write it. The best reference letters are both positive and sincere and require an individual touch.

The following sample letter of recommendation for certified nursing assistant shows what a good recommendation may look like.



Letter of Recommendation for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) 


June 27, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is my personal recommendation for Sara Chris who has worked as Certified Nursing Assistant for ABC Hospital for three years. As her immediate supervisor, I found her a pleasant individual who is able to tackle all assignments and patient care activities with devotion and smile.

Besides being a friendly personality, Sara is able to take control of emergency situation and ability to present creative ideas regarding healthcare and hygiene issues. She has developed several patient care plans for our hospital that resulted in increased patient satisfaction.

Specifically, she is very expert in answering signal lights to resolve patient needs, bathing/dressing patients, providing and collecting food trays, feeding to patients who require assistance, transporting patients and helping patients exercise and walk. In addition, she very expert in taking and recording vital signs accurately.

Sara was a proven asset to our hospital, and has a potential to prove her capabilities anywhere she work. I highly recommend Sara for employment at your facility and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. In case of any query or concern, I can be reached at the phone number or email address given below.




Cathy Johnson
Registered Nurse
ABC Hospital
42 New Street, Austin, TX
Phone: (000) 932-8741
Email: cathy @ email . com