Clinical Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 1, 2015

Whether it is software or the human eye that is scanning your resume, it will get read and accepted or rejected in a matter of seconds. The purpose of a clinical nurse cover letter is to make sure that even if a resume is discarded because it did not really appeal to the reader, the day is saved. Cover letters are almost always read with interest – that is, if they pose as interesting reads. Of course, a boring cover letter will have the same fate as the resume.

As a socially acceptable way of introducing you to a hiring manager, a cover letter is simply a courtesy action. However, it can be used to give the prospective employer a view of what you are capable of doing once hired. But many of us make a terrible mistake when writing a cover letter – we rehash our resume. That is certainly not acceptable. The purpose of a cover letter is to provide edited, juicy highlights from your resume and not merely to reiterate information in it. If you can successfully do this, you are a winner.

Always, provide your contact number at the end of a cover letter. True, the hiring manager will have this information in the resume but save him the time and effort of going through the resume to look for it. All good? Let us look at a sample:


Clinical Nurse Cover Letter Sample


356 Maple Street
Mentor, OH 25232

November 1, 2015

Mrs. Christine Castillo
Nurse Manager
The Health Hub
38 Fox Mill Road
Mentor, OH 19374


Dear Mrs. Castillo:

My confidence in finding and retaining a clinical nurse position with your facility stems from my following attributes:

• Demonstrated expertise in revising existing clinical programs according to each patient’s individual healthcare needs
• Qualified to monitor facility compliance with approved clinical programs and procedures
• Documented success in identifying new and innovative ideas to provide support to existing clinical procedures
• Track record of providing physical, emotional and psychological support to patients and their families in a bid to assist them in dealing with the rigors of disease and treatment

As an energetic nursing professional who is innovative when it comes to clinical research modules, I believe that my addition in your team of nursing professionals will be exceptionally contributory. How? Let us meet in person and discuss this. You can contact me at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Heather Chapman

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