When writing a cover letter for clinical nurse position, keep in mind the following 4 principles:

1. Be cautious about correct, clear and reasonable expression, tone, spelling, grammar and punctuation by editing and proofreading your letter.

2. Keep away from acronyms and terminologies. Write in simple English so you are clearly understood by anybody reading your documents.

3. Make use of action words such as revised, managed and negotiated instead of formless language i.e. ‘added to’ or ‘involved in’.

4. Make sure to give a truthful representation and do not overstate facts in your job application cover letter for clinical nurse position.

The following sample of Cover Letter for Clinical Nurse Resume will give you a good idea to make an exceptional job application and/or portfolio.


Application Cover Letter for Clinical Nurses


Maria Smith
5 Example Crescent
Summit, NJ 65999
T: (609) 999-9999
E: mariz @ email.com

November 1, 2015

Ms. Sara Doe, RN
Manager of Human Resources
Baptist Health Care
Jersey City, NJ 65999

RE: Clinical Nurse, Job Reference No. 0988

Dear Ms. Doe:

I would like to apply for the Clinical Nurse position at Baptist Health Care. I am particularly interested in securing employment with your facility because my skills and abilities are well-matched to your requirements. My education and training includes a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Basic Life Support Certificate. I have a continuing commitment to provide exceptional healthcare services to multicultural populace.

My strong nursing skills have enabled me to work in progressively higher responsibility roles throughout my 8 years of practical experience. I am well versed in providing direct care to patients and making essential nursing judgments. In my previous job as a clinical nurse at ABC facility, I was responsible for systematically assessing the health care requirements of individuals or groups and for the formulation of a care plan, its accomplishment and assessment. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability for decision making utilizing academic knowledge and extensive experience in patient care.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume and related documents to support the selection criteria of Clinical Nurse Position. I look forward to meeting from you so as to talk about this in detail. I can be reached any time on my email address or telephone number, and a message can be left on my telephone if I am not accessible.

Thank you for time and considering my application.



Mary Brown