Simple Cover Letter for Medical Office Manager

Updated November 11, 2022
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Medical Office Managers are responsible for providing administrative assistance to physicians’ offices. They manage the concerns of patients and families and look after the financial aspect of the office.

Your cover letter for the Medical Office Manager Resume creates your first impression of your leadership skills, interests, enthusiasm, and information about the administration and medical field.

Put your best efforts to tailor your letter for every job application to show the connection between your qualifications and the needs of the prospective facility.

Although making a targeted cover letter takes more time, it will be very effective in helping you land an interview.

Medical Office Manager Cover Letter Example

Grace Harolds
8 Pearland Street
Bronx, NY 63634
(000) 991-1201

November 11, 2022

Mr. Bert Tudor
Manager (Human Resources)
Permian Premier Health Services
307 Clifton Street
Bronx, NY 88243

Dear Mr. Tudor:

I am sending this letter and the attached resume as an application for the position of Medical Office Manager at Permian Premier Health Services. As an extremely organized, efficient, and detail-oriented individual with seven years of progressive success in the medical administration field, I am positive about my ability to manage your office most effectively.

Your Medical Office Manager position requires strong problem-solving skills, management experience, a background in the medical setting, and the ability to lead the healthcare team effectively. I possess the perfect blend of professionalism and efficiency. My result-driven approach and work experiences have prepared me to excel in these areas.

I am comfortable with managing employees in a confident yet results-driven manner along with ensuring that all office work is appropriately organized. Additionally, my research and problem-solving skills along with a positive attitude would assist me in managing the administrative side of your office exceptionally well. Over and above, my exceptional knowledge of medical terminology and procedures would make me work well in a medical environment.

The enclosed resume will provide you with information that will serve as a key to hiring me for this position. I will call you after the weekend to ask for an interview and will be available at (000) 991-1201 if you need to speak to me.

Thank you for your consideration.


(Sign Here)
Grace Harolds

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