Objectives for a Medical Receptionist Job

Medical receptionists work in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities where their primary job is to ensure smooth working of the doctor’s office that they are working for.

They act as the first point of contact for patients and manage appointments, clerical and paperwork for them. They are required to take patient information and provide them with answers to their queries.

Medical receptionists are also expected to take and route phone calls efficiently. Their work involves managing records and filing. This position requires an individual to be on her feet consistently and to be able to multitask effectively as there is a lot to do. The need for possessing compassion and empathy is absolute as dealing with patients is often tiresome work.

People applying for this position will need to ensure that their resumes include all the information that is pertinent to this position especially where a resume objective is concerned. Let us look at a few examples of resume objectives for this position:

Medical Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a Medical Receptionist position at Sava Healthcare utilizing ability to provide tier one patient care effectively and excellent know-how of medical terminology.

• Meticulous individual seeking a position as a Medical Receptionist at Family Health Clinic where I may use my expertise in scheduling appointments and assisting doctors in medical procedures.

• To obtain a Medical Receptionist position at Core Health Services where I may be able to employ my skills in working in a fast-paced environment and relevant healthcare experience to organize the smooth flow of the facility’s operations.

• Desire a Medical Receptionist position at Canadian Healthcare. Offering a track record of providing excellent front desk services and the capability to handle patients’ concerns effectively.

• To work for Amway Hospital as a Medical Receptionist using exceptional knowledge of basic medical procedures, a keen sense of medical terms and a highly professional approach.

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